Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mothers Are Awesome!

Let your father and mother be glad; let her who bore you rejoice.  Proverbs 23:25 (ESV)

The United States just recently celebrated Mother's Day.  While many could complain that it has been highly commercialized, which it has, some people chose to celebrate it with their moms and show their appreciation for their mom's efforts to raise them.

I spent part of Mother's Day with my mom and one of my grandmothers.  My move back to my home state allowed me a chance to do more than just a phone call for Mother's Day.  My mom is great (even if she didn't want us to pay for her dinner on Sunday).  She set an example for my brother and I to follow.  She's a prayer warrior just like her mom.  She has a great listening ear for when I need someone to talk to.

We are molded by our mothers, sometimes for good and sometimes for bad.  I'm not blind to the fact that there are people out there who have done a horrible, terrible job of being parents.  This does not mean that we are not responsible for our own choices and actions.  We learned how to treat people based on how our moms treated people.  Maybe we learned how NOT to do something because we were embarrassed by our mom's actions or didn't like how our mom did something.

Some women are unable to physically have children.  Those women so desire to have a child that I ache for them in their sadness.  It pains them to see those who can have children misuse this ability and gift.

Ladies, I think we all have the opportunity to be a "mom" to someone at some point in our lives.  Some sisters in the Convent do have physical children but many do not. As a pastor friend put it so nicely, we can be a "mother at heart" even if God has not chosen for us to be a physical mother.  Maybe you have an opportunity to be a "mother at heart" through volunteer activities or even your job.  Maybe you can be the support that another mom needs as she raises her kids. 

So, my female readers, are you a "mother at heart?" 

Sister Jane
Romans 14:8

ps: to my readers in Germany and Russia, thank you for reading the blog!  
pss: major apologies for the choppiness of this post.  I'd tried to smooth it out but it didn't work like I wanted.

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