Thursday, June 14, 2012


Dear Sisters,

Please do not think that as the founder and current main writer for the Convent that Sister Jane must be perfect.  Goodness, I am far from it.  First, I am human.  This means that I'm far, and I do mean far, from perfect.  I confess to you now that I have and will make mistakes.

We are about a month and a half into our current year-long challenge and I'm here to confess that the past 2 weeks have been hard for me to follow the plan.  I confess that I have allowed the things going on around me to distract me from an important task at hand.  Staying in His Word and praying for His world are important things to do and I confess that I haven't been reading and praying as I ought to over the past 2 weeks. 

Are you struggling as well?  Has something popped up in your life to distract you?  Maybe nothing has yet and you are rolling along through the reading and prayer.  Good for you!  Maybe your struggling time is yet to come.

Please, if you are struggling or if you aren't would you take the time right now to pray for your fellow Sisters.  Pray for them as they struggle with making the time to be refreshed by prayer and reading His Word.  Pray for those who aren't struggling that they will learn from His Word and seek to apply it to their lives. 

Remember to keep each other in prayer.  We all struggle with different things in our lives that may distract us from following God's will for us.  Pray for each other as your way to show your love for each of your Sisters.  You may not know each other yet but that's okay.  I don't know all of my Christian family yet either.  I'll have plenty of time to chat with each one when we meet in Heaven!

Sister Jane
Romans 14:8

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