Monday, August 20, 2012

Process and Inspiration

Dear Sisters,

So.  I've had a post in the works for about a week.  This post is not that post.  The work on that post is what has created this post.

As I read through Scripture I ask God to speak to my heart about things He wants me to know and apply to my life.  I seek His inspiration in my life from His Word.  Sometimes that inspiration leads to a blog post.  From that inspiration I begin a process of research in Scripture to clearly understand what God wants me to share with others through the blog.  

The process of research may involve dictionaries, my KJV Scofield Bible, and the Strong's Concordance as well as further searching of Scripture and conversations with God about what He's wants to say through me.  I then plot out the post because I don't like them to appear disorganized and I want His Message to come through clearly.  Now, I know that God can take a mess that I assemble and create meaning through it for the person reading it.  I just don't like written pieces to be disjointed if I can avoid it. 

The final part of the process of course includes writing down the post and praying that God will use it the way He wants to use it.  The writing part is where I'm currently stuck in the process of that post. 

Why?  Because God has been providing more inspiration!  My scripture readings keep bringing up more and more verses that I could use in that post.  Recent worship songs at church and songs I've heard on the radio have also inspired.  

I just felt the need to share that God can inspire us in many different ways.  He is so awesome that way.  I am a process person; I enjoy the creating of things and can find it annoying at times when that process is delayed.  Truly, I haven't liked waiting this long to complete that post but God is asking me to sit back and wait for more inspiration from Him.  Waiting isn't easy but if I rush it, I don't think His Message will be what He wants it to be.

To all of my process Sisters out there, be patient.  Maybe God wants to inspire you even more so that's why it's taking longer for  you to complete the process you currently have in mind.  Please continue to seek His direction in your process and be open to His inspiration.

Sister Jane
Romans 14:8

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