Saturday, December 29, 2012

Creatures and Snow

Guess what showed up this past week?  Snow!  I've been waiting for the stuff.  While I have family  members who got the green Christmas they wanted, I've always liked the white, fluffy stuff.  Driving in it isn't fun but I feel like the snow outside gives me a great excuse to make a bunch of tea and curl up under a blanket on the couch to knit and watch some tele. 

 My parents are helping me stay well stocked with corn cobs for the moment so I can keep the Franks & Francines well fed during this snow covered season.  I did move the cob holder higher on the post so as the snow gets deeper the cobs can still be munched upon.  

 A few days ago, I noticed that on the most friendly Frank, a gash was on his back.  Poor Frank!  I'm not sure what caused it but I'm happy that he is still the most friendly convent squirrel and really appreciates my treats for him.  He was a bit uncooperative with staying still or staying in the proper position so I could photograph his back.  It doesn't appear to be oozing or anything bad like that.  He appears to be on the mend.  :)

 A couple months ago before the weather got colder I was able to feed the friendliest Frank from my hand.  This is the best picture I could get of Frank eating an almond from my hand.  I did discover though that I have to present the nut in such a way that he can take it straight from my fingers.  He doesn't understand that concept of eating from the palm of my hand and I'm not willing to try that experiment again.  Why?  Because I would prefer not to have him nibble on my finger again and discover that it isn't a nut.  :)   It's okay.  No skin was broken in the process of that experiment.  I think my shots are up-to-date...
Before we move to the inside Convent creatures, here's a parting shot of one of the Franks sitting on the edge of a show covered branch.  I wish I could have zoomed in more on him.

As I conclude this post, here's a picture of S and T snoozing on the couch.  They've been really good lately, well T not so much.  I recently attend the midnight premiere of the Hobbit movie (awesome movie by the way) and so I didn't go to sleep until after 4am that day.  Around 8am T decided that I should be out of bed and so he began to meow LOUDLY and run around on the bed and jump on me.  I tried to inform him that I didn't have to get up until 11am when the alarm was set to ring.  He didn't care.  Finally I rolled out of bed and hobbled to the food dish which was already full to add another scoop of food to it to get T to leave me alone.  That did the trick and back to bed I went.  That 11am alarm was not a welcomed sound but I had an appointment to get ready for.  :)

I pray that you stay warm during the cold weather and that Christ remains the center of your life.  Maybe we should have another visit over a cup of tea soon.  :)

Sister Jane
Romans 14:8

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