Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Ch Ch Changes

Dear Sisters (and brothers),

This post probably should have come before the last one but I had something pressing on my mind and so the post on distractions came out first. 

So, here's what's going on with the blog.  As you can see, the name has changed.  The blog is no longer called the "Sisters That Need No Misters Convent" but is now "Tumbling Tumbleweed".  I felt the need to close the Convent because a relationship has developed that doesn't fit with the running of a convent.  I also didn't have anyone else to pass the Convent to for blogging.  I chose to keep the blog and change the name instead of getting rid of it because I enjoy sharing what God is teaching me and I feel that the information shared can benefit many.

Tumbling Tumbleweed seemed to be the best name for the blog because that's what I've felt like over the past few years.  I'm a fan of westerns and of the Tumbleweeds comics and the song Tumbling Tumbleweeds fit my mood perfectly.  So as I tumble along God's path for my life, this blog will be me outlet for sharing what I learn along the way.

Sisters, I hope you do not think that I have abandoned you.  While the relationship that has developed is something that I have desired for a while, it did surprise me that it did happen.  God's timing is much better than mine ever could be.  So I enjoy spending time with R and seeing our relationship grow in the grace that God has provided for us.

I'm still here, I still have things that God is teaching me, I still want to share those things with you.

Sister Jane
Romans 14:8

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